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Motel Policies

Smoking Policy
​ALL of our rooms are NON-SMOKING, please be courteous of the other guests!  Smoking is only allowed in designated areas and absolutely not while standing just outside your door or open windows.
NOTE: There will be a $150.00 cleaning fee for rooms that are smoked in and an additional charge equivalent to one night's lodging for each night that the room cannot be rented.

Pet Policy
​Pets are welcome! We have a $15 fee per pet per night. Pets MUST be crated if left in the room alone AND the office must be informed.  We will also require a contact number in case there is excessive noise while you are out.  If you go out for the day we are happy to take your family member out for a walk.  Owners are responsible for picking up after their pets. There is a $150 service charge if your pet is left alone and uncrated and you will also be responsible for paying for any damaged property.  This fee ($150) also applies to and will be charged for unauthorized pets.  Rooms with pets are cleaned daily, no exceptions. We do not allow felines, reptiles, rodents or birds. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Reservation Policy
There is a $25 non refundable deposit to reserve your room.  (For stays of 3 nights or more there is a one night deposit for up to each 7 nights. Each part of an additional week is another one night deposit.) This deposit will be applied to the last day(s) of your stay.  If you shorten your stay the deposit is the fee ($25 or one night) for shortening your stay. The same rule applies if you change your dates. If you cancel your reservation with 7 days notice, you will lose your deposit. 
As we are a small establishment, if you cancel within 7 days and we are unable to sell the room, you will be charged for the first night of your original reservation and your deposit is lost. If you use an online booking site like Booking.com or Expedia than the posted policy will apply.  Please assume you will be charged and be happy when you aren't. Or better yet, please don't cancel.

Check-In/ Check-Out
Our check-out time is 10am. $20 is charged for up to an additional hour.  Anyone staying past 11am will be charged an extra night.
Our check-in time is 3pm. If you would like to check in earlier, please call ahead (207-667-8452) to see if the room is ready. We will try to accommodate you.

There are no alcoholic beverages or food allowed in the pool area. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. If this policy is not followed you will be asked to leave the pool area and unable to use the facility for the duration of your stay.  Only pool attire allowed in the swimming pool.
Our pool is seasonal. We determine the season based on the weather. We try to have it open by Fathers Day weekend and we usually find people aren't using it at all by the second week of September because it is too cold outside, so we close it.  These dates may vary!

We have many fun activities for families. We do require that at least one adult stays in and supervises a room where children (anyone under 16) are staying. This is for the safety of your children and to keep our rooms looking nice. If children are not supervised it could result in cleaning fees and possibly being asked to leave.

Rooms with dogs are cleaned daily, there are no exceptions in pet rooms. If you do not have a pet and if you do not wish to have daily cleaning, it is still necessary that we clean every other day to ensure the quality of our accommodations.  You may be present if you wish but vacuuming is necessary at a minimum.
You will be charged $150 per day if your room requires extra cleaning due to disregard of property (that includes if we need to clean the carpet, extra cleaning of bedding due to spills, excessive time spent by housekeepers to clean the room, etc.). You will also be charged any additional fees for any broken or not salvageable property.

Extra People
Generally we do not charge for extra people but we charge for the use of the third bed in the Family Rooms : If you reserve an economy queen room and arrive with more than 2 people (including children of any age) you will be: moved to a larger room if available and charged the current rate; charged an extra person fee of $20 and be allowed to remain in the room or be asked to leave and have your reservation cancelled and charged for that night.  These rooms are for two people only.  Please respect that.
We do charge for the use of the futon in Family Rooms.  This charge is for the set up (which we must do so the futon is not damaged) and for the making of the bed with bedding and blankets.  The fee is $15 per night.